We did not decide yet where we can make event? Do you have proffer suggestions to find best place. 

Yes probably we would have some suggestions for you, but firstly you should share your budget, some locations in your mind, date and number of participators.

Would you like to say avarage cost for events?

As you agrre with us, according to your dreams, place, number of participators, details, costs will be effected so that is too difficult to say how much does it costs.

When we should start to talk event planning with you?

We offer 6 months before. Because event companies, places have also their own schedules with another couples so your date can be high density or off for them. However we have some customers who applied us one week ago, we have to find a way…..

What kind of entries we should consider while we are calculating event cost?

In our website we have prepared Event Cost Calculator modüle, so it will easier your calculations and remember some details to you.

When you are starting preparations on event day?

Usually we are starting one or two days ago, however your details will certainlt effect timing.

Shall we arrange aapointment before meeting?

Yes please because our avarage meeting is taking nearly two hours, our working time is starting 9 o’clock in the morning till 6.30 in the evening, fort he weekends we are only open Saturday from 9 o’clock in the morning till 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Is it possible to get quotation by mail or on the phone?

In our showroom we have too much options, materials, videos to help your selections to create most beautiful memories, so we strongly suggest you to talk face to face. And we believe that talking face to face will be first step for trustable relationships.

If we leave any problems with the event companies, wher we can apply for our rights? 

While deciding to event companies please check that they are the members of YEPUD (ISES*Turkey) *ISES (International Special Events Society),

Please tell us what kind of service or materials can we supply from your company?

All materials or services we can supply you such as Wedding Candy, Written Invitation, Audio Systems, Music, DJ, Photo, Catering, Show Groups and Video Mapping systems.